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Summer job opportunities now available!

Are you interested in looking into novel materials using bright x-ray beams or doing quantum simulations of matter?

The Laboratory of Electronic Structure and Microtomography has openings for 1-3 summer student positions in these areas and offers as well internships at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility.

We study materials using x-ray imaging, scattering and spectroscopies. Our famous x-ray microtomography facilities use 3-dimensional x-ray imaging to study material structure at the micrometer scale, for example life science materials in biological and medical applications. With x-ray scattering and spectroscopy we gain information on the nanoscale and electronic properties of materials, giving insight, for example, in the structure and electronic properties of crystals, natural polymers, wood, and the operation of solar cells and batteries. With computational modeling and simulation we solve solid state quantum physics problems and interpret the results of x-ray experiments. We develop novel and sophisticated experimental x-ray methods as well as analysis algorithms for mining big data.

Internationally we use advanced light sources such as European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) for experimental work. Part of the work may be done at such synchrotron light facilities. We also offer 3-month internships at ESRF (see the item 14 of the link), in which case you would spend the whole summer in Grenoble, France. This internship is done in collaboration with Helsinki Institute of Physics CERN trainee program.

Notably, we are world-leading experts in x-ray spectroscopies, especially the so-called inelastic x-ray scattering (IXS) spectroscopy, which can only be done at synchrotron light sources. Most projects are done in collaboration with international partners.

We are looking for students who are interested in materials physics, in the use of these x-ray methods and international synchrotron light centers, and/or corresponding quantum simulations. The openings are aimed at undergraduate students who are interested to continue to M.Sc. and possibly later to PhD level. The tasks will include data processing, so some experience in programming and data processing (e.g, with Octave, Matlab, or Python) is considered an asset, but knowledge of basic physics is sufficient in many cases.

Interested to apply? Please do so via the Department of Physics summer intern application system. Please attach a brief statement of research interests and motivation, CV and an excerpt from the study rolls. Please do not hesitate to contact any of us if you have questions (firstname.lastname(a)helsinki.fi):

  • Heikki Suhonen or Hanna Help-Rinta-Rahko (microtomography)
  • Simo Huotari or Ari-Pekka Honkanen (spectroscopy, ESRF)

Please apply through the Department of Physics summer intern application system.

Deadline for applications is 6.2.2018.

Application form in Finnish
Application form in Swedish
Application form in English

Please don't hesitate to contact us for details!